N49 Live (North of the 49)- Live from ACC North in Creemore ON | charliemillsmusic

Live from Creemore show opener for Justin Rutledge and The Beauties double-bill May 7, 2011

1759 Live from ACC North in Creemore | charliemillsmusic

Live from the Avening Community Hall in Creemore, ON opening for both Justin Rutledge and The Beauties. May 7 2011

March of History | charliemillsmusic

My new sounds


Directed By- Andrew Sainsbury

A City Slicker's Country Heart

    So I started writing songs after returning from the classic overseas train-trek in Europe in 2005 and played a show one fateful winter’s eve at the Red Lantern Tavern in Toronto. I met a chap named Jeff Scott there through a mutual friend. He is a talented Toronto producer and away we went throwing sound at the walls and seeing what stuck there. In 2009 I spent a lot of time with Jeff at NuVintage Studio in Toronto and hammered out the tunes. The result is something I’m proud of. Honest songs, some political, others lighthearted and reflective in turns. This is a City Slicker’s Country Heart released just before it turned 2011. Hope you like it.